Art Deco Heisey Stanhope Sugar Creamer VON NESSEN - NR

Art Deco Heisey Stanhope Sugar Creamer
Stanhope was highly thought of in the trade and won the "Modern Plastics Competition Award" in 1936 for the use of the plascon inserts. Heisey called the plastic portions "round knobs" for the small flat inserts and "T knobs" for the longer rod-like handles. These are removable and the two portions screw together.
Named for Lady Stanhope, an English court beauty and owner of the famous Stanhope Diamond. This pattern was first shown at the New York China, Glass and Housewares Show in July, 1936. The following trade journal report is most interesting:
"New pressed line of stemware, dinnerware, buffet items, candelabra, decorative pieces, called ' Stanhope,' designed by Walter Von Nessen. The pressed motif is a grouping of deep swags, and a highly unusual feature is the use of colored buttons or short rods made of Plascon and inserted in the circular handles and knobs. These inserts are
made in such colors as red, blue, black, yellow, and ivory. All of the plates are couped and rimless, and t are two
types of stemware--all pressed or with a pressed stem and blown bowl. The line may be had plain, etched, cut or with
frosted swags. Interesting is news that the General Electric Co. has adopted a 'Stanhope' set for use with its coffee
maker, the color of
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