Art Deco Lamp ~ Diana the Huntress

Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto, was one of the Olympians and a virgin goddess. Known to the Romans as Diana, she was goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility. She was often depicted with the crescent of the moon above her forehead and was sometimes identified with Selene, goddess of the moon. Very possessive, she showed her wrath on anyone who disobeyed her wishes, especially regarding her purity or abuse of her sacred animals! And further, being a goddess of contradictions, Artemis was the protectress of women in labor and yet her arrows brought them sudden death while giving birth. Artemis herself stands 20 ½ inches high, while the lamp from the top of the (new) shade to the bottom of the base measures 38 ½ inches. She will stand alone quite nicely, or serve you well as a companion to her devotee, Orion (see Item 404).