I believe this very beautiful Royal Winton Grimwades lamp to be extremely rare. I have not been able to find another like it.

It is in very good condition, no chips or cracks. It is 14-1/2" tall. It has a foil label on the metal base that says "Royal Winton Grimades England." (see photo)

Underneath the metal base there is a backstamp that reads "Royal Winton HJB Made in England." (see photo). I am speculating that perhaps the HJB is some combination of the A.G. Harley Jones factory.

The flowers look like Hollyhocks. It has an Art Deco look to it. The foil label indicates it dates to c1934.

Staff moved back and forth between Carlton Ware, Winton Ware, Wedgwood, and Burleigh factories, so it would not be surprising if this lamp was painted by an artist who was also employed at Wedgwood or Winton Ware and created Fairyland Lustre designs.

This lamp has elements of Fairyland Lustre designs and technique. It is possible it was a one-off prototype or sample, or created for a special exposition.

We looked it over very carefully with a blacklight and could find no chips, cracks or divots.

This was always a lamp. It was never a vase converted to a lamp. We plugged it in, and it works fine, lights up good. The wire cord has been replaced at some time, so it is not the original
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