Art Deco Wahl Eversharp Doric Desk Set w/ Inlaid Base

1930's Wahl-Eversharp Kashmir Doric Fountain Pen Desk Set with Unusual Three Stone Inlay, White Onyx, Green Onyx, and Black Slate Squares

Offered for sale is a beautiful and unusual Wahl-Eversharp Kashmir (Green and Black Pyralin) Doric fountain pen desk set. The pen is quite nice with the triangle shaped filigree band, but the base is what sets this set apart. The use of the three colors to create the interlocking squares and rectangles is quite attractive, and high art deco design. The pen holder is a solid black doric holder with matching triangle filigree pattern.

The desk base has one very tiny "flea bite" on the right side. This can more easily be felt than seen and is mentioned only for the sake of accuracy. The white rectangle on the left side of the holder has a line across it. It is not a crack, damage, but a natural part of the onyx, again mentioned only for the sake of accuracy.

This is the only desk base in this pattern that I have ever seen, but is very definitely an original Wahl-Eversharp design as I have seen other bases with the same colors, just used differently. This piece is quite striking and has gotten a lot of attention while sitting on my desk.

The Kashmir Doric pen is in very nice condition with no scratches or cracks. The very bottom of the pen, just above the section
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