Art from northeastern Zaire -AFRICAN REFLECTIONS

African Reflections, art from Northeastern Zaire Schildkrout, Enid and Curtis A. Keim, Additional contributions by Didier Demoulin, John Mack, Thomas Ross Miller. Jan Vansina

Book Description: Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press / American Museum of Natural History, 1990, Seattle, WA, 271 p. 23 x 30 cm (9.5"-12"). 125 colour and 108 b/w ills. 3 maps. Hardcover with dustjacket. Book condition: new !

This is a first rate book that examines and traces the art of northeastern Zaire. Focusing on the Mangbetu people and their art before and after the coming of the european, it is a fascinating examination of traditional styles and designs. Many fine examples of art from this region include, utilitarian objects such as harps, knifes, pots, bowls, various textiles, bark boxes and stools.

The color photographs are from The American Museum of Natural History's collection, with the text provided by the museum's curator Enid Schildkrout. I would strongly advise anyone wanting an excellent book about art from this region to track it down.

Contents :
- art, ethnography and history in northeastern zaire
- through western eyes, the making of the Mangbetu myth
- reconstructing the past
- mangbetu social organization in the early colonial period
- the art and technology of daily life
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