Art handicrafts oil painting:chicken on canvas 24x36

High Quality 100% Hand-Painted Oil Painting On Canvas Art handicrafts oil painting:chicken on canvas 24x36" Please look photo Size: 24"x36" (60cm x 90 cm) choice for a gift to your friends.

Our's oil painting would make a most appreciated, unexpected and would certainly make a great conversation piece to adorn any room in the home or office.
This painting is 100% hand painted, have no frames ! please check the the photo of brush or pencil stroke detail . it is not a "canvas transfer" or a "giclee" or an "artist enhanced" work -- all just fancy terms for a machine made print. You are bidding on a genuine hand-made work of art.

[ Concerning studio] Many advanced artists are working for us. They love art,lives and have special creativity. We can paint different kind of style painting, such as abstract art, landscape. Of coures, we can provide the product according to your requirement. Larger studio, experienced artists and the cheapest price. U can not miss this opportunity to get a perfect painting. If you need us to paint your own favorite pictures, please contact us. We will list it as customized artwork on eBay with BUY IT NOW option for you.
[ Concerning oil painting] This is one of our elaborate selection of arts. We are so luck to acquire high quality composition that is just what you want them be
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