The Art of Making Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoes

The Art of Making Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoes

By Timothy J. Alberts &

M. Dalton King with Pat Henry

This 112 page book is just what you need for creating beautiful reproduction fashion doll shoes. Including how to embellish beautifully and fit the doll. A list of all the materials you need as well as step by step instructions with pictures illustrating the entire process of tiny shoe making and also for making molds for heels.

You are shown how to make a “last”, the "dummy foot" used to make a shoe, methods include carving or casting. How to add a toe pattern for vintage shoes and several methods for making heels are shown as well. The author specializes in vintage shoes for high heeled foot fashion dolls. There is a visual Shoe Dictionary and Source Guide. You also learn the correct names for parts of shoes and there is a glossary of historical footwear. There are even patterns for a shoe box design that coordinates with an “Exclusive Tim Alberts Shopping Bag!”
The pattern section includes:

ü Cissy Shoe

ü Profile for Carved Last

ü Sling Pattern for Gene

ü Pump Pattern for Gene

Publication Year: 2004