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Up for auction is SHADE ONLY. This shade is newly made with Luxurious Antique and Vintage Textles from the early 1900'S. Very Art Deco/ Nouveau look to this lamp shade. Textiles include Art Deco brown lace from 1920's flapper dress, four Antique solid embroidered foral appliques', beautiful slate blue satin with tiny beads in a swirl pattern, four hand embroidered silver metallic leaf appliques' at four corners, and beautiful antique trims. Colors include: in a blending of slate blues, gold's, coppers, gray, silvers, and browns. Gunmental all glass beaded fringe over hand dyed silk fringe. Four hand dyed, hand made tassels.
This shade can work well on both floor lamp base or a Table lamp base. Look to dimensions to determine if this will fit your base.

Dimensions: 2" top wsher flush, 15" wide, 8" tall overall, with an extra 6" of fringe, making it a total of 14"tall, with 10" long tassels.
I am offering this shade at wholesale cost to you. My custom lamp designs have sold for double, if not triple the cost in the finest of Home Decor stores around the world. I can offer you this lower reserve price, because you are buying directly from me, the artist who creates this lamps.

Make these lamps part of a peaceful environment within your home. Lamps
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