Art Nouveau Water Pitcher Tressemanes&Vogt Limoges 1900

Art Nouveau Water Pitcher Tressemanes&Vogt Limoges c.1900

Description: Beautiful antique large water pitcher made of porcelain and decorated in Art Nouveau style. Manufactured by Tressemanes and Vogt in Limoges - the most famous procelain production region in France.

John Vogt (1815-1906) was born in Germany to a family of porcelain and glass retailers. In 1840 he opened an import house in New York, then office in Limoges (1850s) when he soon began decorating porcelain for export. His son Charles Vogt (d1886) and his nephew Frederic Dose (d1908) joined the New York company in 1865 and traded as Vogt & Dose, which also had a decorating studio in New York. Dose took over in 1886 then was succeed by Gustave Vogt whose son Charly managed the New York operations, which closed in 1931. A second son, Gustave Vogt (1849-1937), took over the Limoges branch by 1870 and partnered with Emilien Tressemanes in the early 1880's. In 1891 they bought two small porcelain factories in Faubourg Montjovis (Limoges) and made high quality whiteware for export to the USA. The company was commissioned in 1891 to produce a dinner service for President Harrison. Tressemann retired in 1907 and Gustave Vogt became sole owner and changed the name to Porcelaine Gustave Vogt. In 1919 Martial Reynaud bought the company and continued using
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