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Welcome to Fat Daddy Lines & Designs!

This is a one-off original pinstriped Artwork signed and authenticated by Fat Daddy!!

This piece is called "Eyeon"!! There is a vivid, colorful, and flowing, Scroll Pinstriping design featuring the Hot Rod Icon "Flyin Eyeball"!!

**Von Dutch, Kenneth Howard, and the flying eyeball charater are a trademark of Kenneth Howard. These are his creations and I credit him and this is my tribute!**

**I used a special pinstripe brush built by CHICO BRUSHES called the SX scroll brush! This piece was painted with it and is now available for sale thru Chico on ebay!!**

The Artwork measures 12X18 aluminum panel basecoated satin black!! The Vivid color features are process blue, lite blue, imitation gold, chrome yellow, polar white, red, gray, and black all applied with precision!!

**Free shipping in USA!!**

This piece is a prime example of the flowing art of scroll pinstriping and will look gorgeous any place it hangs!


**Where else are you going to get great hand painted artwork for such Value!!!**

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Fat Daddy also offers one-off Kustom Artwork with your colors and whatever you want!!
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