3 Artec Effects Pedals (Turbo Compressor, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Phase-Shifter)

For sale is my collection of Artec pedals, comprising a turbocompressor, a vintage chorus and a vintage phase-shifter. These are handy little things, and very sturdy. I’m only selling because I’m upgrading my compressor and don’t have any need for chorus or phase-shifter in my current band. The pedals are in excellent condition; the only noticeable wear is on the bottom, where remnants of glue remain on the treads (this is a result of me using Velcro to fix them to a pedal board). It obviously doesn’t affect the sound and is out of site most of the time, but if you like you can check out a picture here: /photos/sevenpiglets/6258448912/in/photostream/

Specs and demos for all three can be found here:


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