ARTHUR KENNEDY Autograph - signed on autograph album page

If you collect and appreciate vintage autographs then this will be a fine addition to your collection.

I am offering an autograph of actor Arthur Kennedy.
I just bought an autograph book from the son of an autograph chaser who collected autographs as a teenager in NYC circa 1948-1950. These autographs were obtained at famous venues in NYC like the 21 Club, The Supper Club and along Broadway. This autograph is in ink. All pages have the date of the signing in the upper right corner. The pages are all in excellent condition, no rips, tears or stains. A lifetime guarantee of authenticity is offered with this item. My lifetime guarantee of authenticity and my receipt is offered with all items. I don't use 3rd party authenticators as I know that my knowledge and experience is as good as the knowledge and experience of those authenticators. This way you save the price of authentication which sellers just pass along to buyers.You can feel free to submit my items to any authenticator and you will receive a full refund if my item does not pass their examination. Most of the items I buy and sell are bought from the original owner of the item(s) or the original owners family. All autographs I sell are originals. I do not deal in facsimile autographs which seem to be proliferating on ebay now. All autographs are guaranteed authentic

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