Arthur Moreland ORIGINAL ink. Tariff Reform League 1909

ARTHUR MORELAND late 19th and early 20th century cartoonist book illustrator & poster artist. Prolific c1895-1920.

Illustrated the Humours of History and other books, was the main illustrator for "The MORNING LEADER". This political and social newspaper was called the London Daily News up until 1912 and was started by Charles Dickens in 1850.

THIS lovely period political observation from a main "Cartoon of the Day" from the Daily News. One of a collection mostly done by Arthur Moreland It measures approx 10 x 10. inches. on thin soft card. Some handling marks to the borders mainly.

THIS image has the Prime Minister hiding in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament and being searched for by the "Tariff Reform League". "At 10.30 yesterday morning the customary search was made for Guy Fawkes in the vaults of H o P. initialled A. M. With the words "Original Pen and ink drawing" along the top. Dated 16 Feb '09 (presumed date published.)

VERY GOOD image, well drawn!

THIS is the 17th one to be listed, of a collection of about 70. 99% of them by Arthur Moreland, from the same political newspaper and of the same period.

IF NO interest is forthcoming I will NOT list any of the others I have. I will list about 20 and see if there is any response. Hope you can understand my reasoning
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