arthur singer-audbon society crafted by wedgewood12 plates,1977.

set of twelve collectors plates from 1977,arthur singer] audubon society] crafted by wedgewood,song birds of the world,franklin porcelain,limited edition fine bone china,plates crafted in england by wedgewood 1977,the barn swallow ,the wood thrush, the cardinal, the bluethroat, baltimore oriole, the bobolink, the bohemian waxing, the turquise wren, the european goldfinch, the scarlet tanager, the western bluebird, magnolia warbler, the plates are 11 inches diameter,all boxed with certificates,each one comes with a stand ,two are broken,these plates are like new ,bin in garage for twenty some years,the boxes are a little dirty , the plates are rimmed in gold,signed on front of each plate,all so comes with cirtificate of authenticity.