Artillery Howitzer 105mm - Bore Brush & Bag - NOS

US MILITARY GI Artillery, Howitzer, Mortar Accessories M2A2 / M101A1 105mm Howitzer 1 ea. Brush & Bag Assy. This could be for another 105mm barrel but?? Fresh original NOS - Current Issue NSN: 1025-0 Contract date of 1985 US Buyer pays shipping cost. International buyers please email before purchase (I only ship non US orders one time a month) I WILL BE SELLING A LARGE QUANTITY OF MILITARY VEHICLE PARTS, GEAR, MANUALS, ARTILLERY AND OTHER MILITARY COLLECTABLES OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. I HAVE TO MUCH GOOD STUFF AND NEED TO GET IT SOLD. Looking for M24 Chaffee parts (SNL G200) of any kind also looking for demilled or residue M24 Chaffe tank, M19 Duster 40mm,, M37 HMC, or M41 HMC residue for parts. Also the following other parts for other vehicles: XM34 Little John Rocket launcher items including rocket, M29 Weasel top, Manuals for Military Kawasaki Motorcycles both the KLR 250 & KLR 650