artillery shell casing empty 105mm howitzer inert

A spent 105mm shell. It is 14.5 inches tall, brass lacquered steel, though the lacquer has suffered quite a bit of wear. I'm fairly sure this is a full size casing, as the rim does not display the typical marks of having been cut down. The stampings on the butt are hard to read due to flaking lacquer and light corrosion, but some inked stampings are still t, including "AMM LOT SRD-500-11" "M67, F/HOW. M2A1, M2A2, M19 & M103". I could find the 105mm stamping, but could not find any date marks, but the M103 was a Vietnam era howitzer, so this shell would date from around that era. Weight 5.1 lbs.(before packaging)

GENERAL NOTE: All the shells I have up for sale are from the estate sale of a man who was in the navy, in the ordinance department. He collected a lot of interesting stuff, including shell casings. ALL the shells and other militaria I put up are EMPTY, fired, and completely safe. It would be easier to make a dangerous item out of regular plumbing pipe than it would be to make these items dangerous.

Items ship from zip code 68512 in the U.S. Shipping costs quoted are to the continental states only, anyw else will be more. Payment is expected within 10 days. Otherwise I reserve the right to file for non-paying bidder,and re-list the item.

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