This is an unreserved auction for an unsigned handwritten note by Charles Hayter [1761-1835] [miniature painter] to Henry May [banker] Frank May's father.

Front page reads ; "the gift of Charles Hayter esquire author of "Perspective" and written with his own hand and impressed with his seal dated December 23rd 1828" .

Inside reads; this diagram shows how the three primitive colours produce all other distinguishable colous, by their equilateral intersection- discovered by Charles Hayter December 24th 1824. Which he has named "Ultimation" because it never can be outdone nor undone and was wanting to make the ruduimental knowledge of this branch of science complete.

Charles Hayter [1761–1835] miniature painter the son of Charles Hayter, an architect and builder, and his wife, Elizabeth Holmes. He was trained in his father's profession but, having developed a talent for drawing small pencil portraits, he entered the Royal Academy Schools in London on the 30th January 1786. Thereafter he practised as a miniature painter in London, Essex, and, in 1832, in Winchester, earning a considerable reputation from his portraits in watercolour on ivory and in crayon on vellum, and exhibiting at the Royal Academy between [1786-1832]. He was professor of perspective and drawing to Charlotte, Princess of Wales, and dedicated
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