Artist Robert Cox Flower Oil Paintings (2) On Canvas

This auction is for Artist Robert Cox Two Flower Oil Paintings On Canvas. Offered here are original still life oil paintings with blue vases of pink, blue, and yellow flowers by this well known international artist Robert Cox (1934 - 2001). Cox was known for his works in still life, in particular floral stills, the artist does not disappoint in technique or choice of colours. Vibrant with thickly applied paint in places makes for a stunning works of art. They are professionally framed in matching wooden frames. The paintings are in very good condition . Selling as a pair of two as the frames are the same and the paintings go together so well. Signed a bit different than most of his paintings that I have seen with just his last name which makes these interesting and unique. Canvas's are approx. 8" x10" with the frames approx. 14" x 15". ..............Internet Information:Robert Cox Artist for the common man. Born on July 14th, 1934 in Mt Holly, New Jersey, he studied at the Katharine Gibbs School of Art from 1953 until 1956 before joining Mayhew Peakes Inc. as a graphic designer. Dissatisfied with his progress he resigned in 1962 and moved to California where he married Marjorie in 1966. The new Californian environment gave him unrestricted floral subjects for his painting and he painted furiously to make up for the lost time he felt ... read more