Arts of Africa - Songye Kifwebe Mask - DRC - Congo - 20" Height x 9" Wide

Custom Made Stand Included we will happily refund any items that you are not happy with if the item is damaged,scratched or broken as long as you return them within 7 days of receiving the items and in the same conditions as sent. Unfortunately shipping cost cannot be refunded. Please take picture and retain all packaging materials. All courier companies requires these when making a claim. if the package look damage tell delivery person and make notes. refund will be issued when the claim through the carrier is accepted, the item is 100% insured.It was used by the Bwadi Bwa Kifwebe secret society for initiations, circumcisions, weddings and funerals. In the Songye language kifwebe means mask. This mask attributed also to the Baluba tribe has impressive shapes, the nose forming part of a crest like hairdo, enlarged eyelids a protruding boxlike mouth and lineal often in white and red, on the entire surface. It embodied supernatural forces. The kifwebe society used it to ward off disaster or any treat. These type of masks are worn at ceremonies honoring a dead chief, or at the installation of a new chief, and at the welcoming of important visitors in the village. These masks had the capacity to heal by means of the supernatural force it was supposed to incorporate. The ritual of exorcism consisted of holding the sick man's mask while ... read more