Aruch Completum Hashalem Alexander Kohut 9 Volumes חנוך יהודה קאהוט ערוך השלם

Complete set, covers in nice condition but used. All pages clear and complete, 2 of the covers have part of inside paper removed, nothing major just mentioning.
Aruch Completum Sive Lexicon Vocabula Et Res, Quae In Libris Targumicis, Talmudicis et Midraschicis Continentur , explicans auctore Nathane filio Jechielis saeculi XI. The rabbinic lexicon of Nathan ben Jechiel of Rome newly edited with supplementary notes and comments. Including Supplement and Additamenta. Very scholarly with Greek, Latin and Arabic references spelled out in their respective alphabets. This is the ultimate scholarly etymological reference and lexicon or dictionary in an in depth fashion to the Talmud and Midrashim reference Very scarce. See a contemporary review (1892) here https:///stable/527204

Written by Alexander Kohut over many years of work. In his fifteenth year, while trying to decipher some foreign words in the Talmud with the aid of Landau's Dictionary , he conceived the plan of writing a complete lexicon of the Talmud, not having found the etymology of many words in Landau.

After finishing the gymnasium course in Kecskemét, he removed to Budapest . Anxious to continue his rabbinical studies, he went to Breslau . In 1865, he received a call to the rabbinate of Tarnowitz , Upper Silesia . He then spent another year in Breslau, devoting
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