arvn Rucksack A

* Because I make entry of article explanation within 24 hours, please do not bid it till then.

It is very valuable and has difficulty with acquisition!

genuine ARVN item historic inheritance before 1975 years

It is goods of the purchase in Vietnamese Saigon.

A valuable addition to your Vietnam war military memorabilia collection.

An item watches a photograph, and please confirm it! 

*The difficult point that I can confirm:A change of color of metal fittings by a long-term warehouse save

*A characteristic of an item:Hard cotton/A complete new article /Attachment of all parts /Existence of an article supplied by the government label

* It is a genuine item before 100% 1975 years!

*Please confirm my other exhibits and give me it as proof of the reliability!

* send you the item by EMS(International Express Mail Service).
The item will reach you in 5-7 days. Thank you!!