Asante (Ashanti) Stool, Beautiful Carving & Finish

African Tribal Art

Asante (Ashanti) Stool


Size: approx. 10" wide x 7 1/2" high (25 x 19cm) Material: wood, pigment Condition: good Age: approx. 25 - 50 years Asante (Ashanti) Stool


Enchanting stools made by the Asante may look whimsical, but embodied deeply-held and ancient beliefs. The famous Golden Stool of the Asante was a symbol of the divine right of kings and its theft early in the 20th Century provoked a national crisis. A new Golden Stool was made (see photo at left) to replace it.

A man's stool was usually a gift from his father, and a part of his spirit would inhabit it for ever. The gift was accompanied by an important ceremony involving the sacrifice of a white cock, whose blood is used as a libation to bind the stool and its owner (see photo at right).

This beautiful polychrome stool is carved with a house, symbolizing the dwelling-place of the spirit. Stools such as this one have long since become a symbolic item in Ghanaian homes with Western furniture; this one shows little sign of use though it is an old piece.

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