ASG BASEBALL, 1988 season w/extra player card set *RESERVED FOR JEFF ONLY!!*

*RESERVED FOR JEFF ONLY, DO NOT PURCHASE UNLESS THIS IS YOU AND WE'VE BEEN IN COMMUNICATION ABOUT IT ALREADY!!* ASG BASEBALL, major league baseball simulation using real player cards, dated 1989 by ASG Games, under license to 3W (World Wide Wargames). For 1 or 2 players, base game includes 25 players per team for the 1988 season, but also included is the rare additional player set, which increases some rosters to as high as 36 players by including fringe, seldom-used players. I personally played virtually every baseball sim published between the mid-1960s and 2000 or so, and this one was always my favorite, it seemed to have the best pitcher/batter interface, at least at the time. This was an updated version of the original ASG BASEBALL which came out around 1973 and only lasted a year or two (and this edition only lasted two years, unfortunately). Box is in excellent condition, tight and clean with no really noteworthy flaws, maybe the lightest apron bowing from long-term storage. Contents are near-mint and complete, bought new by me and played carefully a few times (although I loved the game, I was in a replay league that required the use of STRAT-O-MATIC, so I didn't get to play this one nearly as often as I'd have liked), including all cards, rules, charts, dice (I don't think the D20 dice are the originals, but that really has ... read more