2 X 10 INCH SPEAKERS, 550 WATTS @ 4 ohms

****** MADE IN ENGLAND ******

BRAND NEW AND UNUSED. I bought this combo just 3 weeks ago for £650 as a direct replacement for my faulty (and apparently non-repairable) 12 year old Ashdown ABM combo. 5 days after taking receipt of this amp I was informed my beloved old amp was repaired and therefore the new amp is surplus. I cannot return it to the online shop because I skipped the original packaging. This sale is for collection only. The buyer is welcome to try it out before buying.

I have plugged the amp in at home to make sure it works, other than that it is brand new and totally unused.

The appearance of the amp is slightly different to most others currently for sale. I emailed ASHDOWN about this and they replied saying that my amp is an early English made model prior to production moving to China. My amp has red trims on the chrome front panel and a heavy duty black metal grill similar to the ABM range. The Chinese made models have black trims on the front panel and a red cloth grill.

Ashdown said this is the last English made 550 Touring to leave their warehouse. They are still for sale is at Promenade Music for £649 (RRP £799).

Any questions call Richard or text to .


What Ashdown say:

Ashdown 550 Touring

First heard in the 427 Small Block, Ashdown’s Dual Tube bass preamp was an instant hit, thanks to its solid, articulate bottom end and sparkling highs. The 550W Ashdown 550 Touring 210H takes this stunning tube preamp design and partners it with a tour proven ABM power stage, delivering the payload via 2 x custom 10” drivers with an HF horn for extended top end response.

The discerning bass player gets high and low gain inputs, front panel-mounted FX send and return, rotary bass, middle and treble controls with mid shift, bass shift and bright switching, mute switch, rotary gain and master volume controls and a DI output.

The stunning chrome amp panel combines with retro cabinet styling, featuring vinyl covering, chrome protective corners, vintage red grille cloth and, of course, the trademark illuminated Ashdown VU meter.

Ashdown 550 Touring 210 Features:

Dual Tube bass preamp Solid, articulate bottom end and sparkling highs ABM power stage 2 x 10” drivers HF Horn High and low gain inputs Front panel-mounted FX send and return Rotary bass, middle and treble controls with mid shift, bass shift and Bright switching Mute switch Rotary gain and master volume controls DI output
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