Ashly FTX 2001 Series II Power Amp

Hey! 's a hard working Ch-amp! It has never let me down when it was the #1, and after semi-retirement, is still going strong. This is a tank. Yes, the cover has seen some action, but the guts are still intact. Last pic is the 2002 price list. $1300.00+ manufacturers list. Bought for around $600.00 3 months used from a touring group, as they were going lighter. Yes, this IS a BEAST! Shipping weight is 56lbs. Output into 8ohms is 250RMS/channel & 500RMS>4ohms. Unit is bridgeable, dual mono operation, or stereo. This has been used in all three configurations with no flaws. Needs a good home to beat it up a little more. :) Recently has run home theater subs in dual mono at 4 ohm. I've downsized my amp (this was overkill, even for my basement theater of 30'X 23') when I upgraded my surround amp. In this mode it'll rattle knick-knacks off the shelves at moderate volumes during sci-fi flicks, upstairs, and the subs are on the concrete with rubber isolation feet. The amp is only idling. This amp wants to work. Please help. It only wants to please it's master.Reserve is modest and is professionally packaged.(actually better than professionally) I love all my equipment, and generally take care of it with this in mind. Bid with confidence, check my feedback... and look at the other stuff I have to part with. Wife says too many spares. ... read more