Ashton Drake "I Wish You..." Collection **ALL 6 DOLLS!!

Discontinued Set!! (1994-1996) "I Wish You Love" "I Wish You Faith" "I Wish You Happiness" "I Wish You Wisdom" "I Wish You Charity" "I Wish You Luck" I have all six dolls up for auction ..
Only three of them have their original certificates. (I wasn't super careful about keeping up with the paperwork.)
...But the dolls themselves are in perfect condition!
They all have their angel wings, their gold wrist charms and their props.
This is the only place on Ebay w you can find all six together!! The shipping cost is an estimation... I will charge you actual shipping cost (I will show you the USPS quote if you want!) and
3.00 handling to cover the packing materials. Insurance, expedited and international shipping available!