Two ASIC 30-38GH/s Block Erupter Cubes

TWO ASICMiner Block Erupter Cubes
I am selling two Block Erupter Cubes. These are rated between 33-39Gh/s each based on setup.
This cube has been run on low clock mode and given me no troubles. My setup has given me a solid 37Gh/s on each, however your mileage may vary depending on how you set them up, software you are using for mining, etc.
This has been working for many months and has worked perfectly. I am selling because I am upgrading my mining environment. Asicminers are great for those that want to learn a bit about bitcoin mining. They have been taken care of and not overheated.
Asicminers work very nicely with almost all mining software, including cgminer and bfgminer.
What is Included:
Two units only If you need insturctions on how to set them up, I can message you after the sale however you can Google for insturctions as well.
I will ship within 24 hours of completed payments. They will be shipped by UPS and I will have the store package them so they arrive safely. Due to the packaging and the weight of the units, they do have some weight to them, is why the shipping is high. If it is cheaper to ship separately I will and refund the price difference.
Sorry, I do not ship outside of the US.
Due to realities of the Bitcoin market,
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