ASICMINER Block Erupter Blade Complete Mining Rig (3 Blades) Bitcoin Miner

One complete ASICMiner Blade mining rig with 3 blades to get you started mining. Each blade provides about 10 GH/S, the three included will start you out with about 30 GH/S and it can support up to 10 blades for 100 GH/S! The only assembly that will be required is to insert the blades into the backplane, plug in the power and Ethernet and you're ready to start mining. Additional blades can easily be bought on ebay for ~40$ each.
Rig includes: -Sturdy wooden frame -3 Cooling fans with speed controller -ASICMiner backplane -1000W power supply -Ethernet Switch with custom cables for each miner -Power Strip with cables to power supply and switch