Assorted Cigar Boxes Lot (8 in Total) Great Collection Pieces!

Hey There World - I am selling an Assorted Collection of Cigar Boxes, 8 in total! They are in great condition, and still have the slight smell of the original cigars. There are cigar boxes from Europe and the Americas. I will specifically list out every box so you can get a taste for what you're looking at;

1. Don Tomas Cigars- International Selection Rare San Vicente (Made in Honduras) with a small metal latch to open and close the wooden box with government warranty for the cigars.

2. Dutch Masters Panetela Cigars- 50 Fine Cigars Claro. Tax Exempt sticker on the back with a government warranty sticker for Saudi Arabia on the back, very RARE.

3. Partagas Flor De Tabacos 1845 Made by Hand- (Made in Dominican Republic)- These boxes were individually made by hand, and the attention to detail really shine through the box, what a box!

4. King Edward The Seventh Mild Tabaccos (Made in U.S.A)- This box is a real masterpiece, made in the 1940's, with an advertisement on the inside flap. Some of the finest tobaccos of its time.

5. Macanudo Montego Y Cia Robust 25 Exquisite Cigars (Made in Dominican Republic)- Great cigars that were packaged individually beautifully and a must favorite of business men back in the 40's and 50's.

6. Cordova Robusto 25 Cigars (Made in Dominican Republic)-
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