Assorted Vintage Drum Hardware

Assorted Vintage Drum Hardware
This is a 4 Piece Collection of Vintage Drum Hardware
• Bass Pedal - Slingerland Epic Bass Pedal with a cracked heal plate and a bottom metal foot board strap that have both been repaired. Pedal has quite a bit of rust on it but still works fine.
• Throne - Slingerland #7272 with #7274 backrest. Tube w seat cushion fits in has a small crack. The throne itself is very wobbly and the chrome has quite a bit of rust.
• Heavier Snare Stand has MARVEL written on it - I don't know if this is the brand or the model number. T are no other markings on it. Quite a bit of rust on this stand but fully functional. The rubber feet are also still intact.
• Lighter Snare Stand has no markings of brand name at all. Wing nuts appear to be Ludwig but might not be original. This stand is fully functional and is in the best condition of all the pieces.
• I believe the two snare stands are nickle plated. I acquired this hardware years ago when I purchased a fifties Slingerland Radio King set. This may help identify something.
• This would be a great opportunity to add some hardware to your vintage collection at a very reasonable price.
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• Price includes UPS shipping, packing
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