Astounding Stories Jan 46 - The Fairy Chessmen - Pt 1 - Lewis Padgett

Note: I’m not a dealer, just an old guy whose kids aren’tinterested in his hobby of collecting so I’m selling some magazines from mycollection.

I try to describe the magazines accurately and I provide scanned pictures. Scans provide much better resolution than photos. Note that some pulps were published with trimmed edges, some were not. Those that were published with rough edges also had an overlap of the covers. This led to the covers and edges tattering. To avoid this some collectors/readers trimmed the edges. The scans should show you the condition of the edges.

I want you to be happy and will refund but I don’t think either of us want to go through that. Please study the scans carefully.

Postage has gotten outrageous and everyone wants to save on it. That works for me and I will combine shipments allowing you to make multiple purchases. Please contact me when you want to do this.

US postage for this magazine is $4.50. For combined shipments each additional magazine postage is $1.00. Payment for this magazine is due upon receipt of invoice. Please pay and notify me that you plan additional purchases. Shipments may be combined for 7 days after the purchase of this magazine. I will hold invoicing for additional purchases during those 7 days.

International shipping charges are for shipping/handling
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