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Established in 2006, our mission can be described by two words... quality and integrity . In an industry that is filled with shades of gray, ASU Combat Sports prides ourselves in exceeding all expectations. Our reputation and integrity is the benchmark from which all will be judged and attempt to emulate. More importantly, the momentum established by ASU's growing popularity will be distributed universally to benefit the combat sports world. Our focus will always be to disregard the "have's" and cherish the "have not's", as only the "have not's" can match our professional hunger.

We are the amateur fighters who travel 300 miles, on are own dime, just for the opportunity to fight. We are the professional fighters who sell shirts out of the back of a truck to pay for training. We are the fighters who live on the gym couch, are always in shape, and show up ready to fight in a moments notice. You will meet many fighters from Team American Stand Up, but you will never meet the management team as it is a foundation belief to keep focus where it should be...on the fighters.

We are not thugs, pimps or commercial. We are not the trendy new MMA rack at Footlocker, and soon Wal-Mart. We are not the $30,000 logo in the center of the UFC octagon.
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