Atari 800 48K Computer w 1050 floppy drive, 2 Joysticks, Basic + 3 games TESTED

Have you played Atari today?
Well now you can.........
This machine works great without any problems and is tested.
The carts are all tested as well. The 1050 drive works. The controllers work.
In other words, everything works!
RF output works fine as well as composite. I made a composite cable that I will include that allow you to hook the 800 up to any TV with composite inputs (the ones that VCRs, DVD players, and the like use).
Here is what you will get:
Atari 800 computer with 48K ram and 10K rom 1050 disk drive SIO cable Homemade composite video cable
2 power adapters 2 Atari Joysticks Atari Basic Cartridge Defender Cartridge Centipede Cartridge Star Raiders Cartridge

Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking!

I'll try to get a video up by Tuesday 11/3 of the machine in action on .