ATARI Battlezone vector arcade game (working!)

Working original Battlezone dedicated vector arcade game! The coolest of the three cabinets, with the "periscope" like frontspiece to look through.
Game plays and works great! The black cardboard cutout that goes around the monitor face is missing, but it served no purpose I can tell.
The centering bellows work great. It is very common to find these machines where you let go of the joystick and it doesn't return back to center due this broken part - make sure to check that out in any Battlezone you are looking at.
The interconnect wiring between the PCBs has been entirely replaced, and all the header pins re-soldered. It is also quite common to find loose connections here giving you the dreaded "mathbox" errors if this hasn't been replaced.
I have lost the keys for this one, so the locks have been left unlocked and the back door is screwed in place.
The cabinet is actually in pretty good shape for its age, as you can see.
I have it listed for local pickup only, but you are welcome to arrange shipping. (You might try Precision Transportation ) or NAVL x9465 or x9478).
Due to the age of the game nobody can guarantee how long they will remain working, so you will probably be happiest with this (or any old arcade game) if you or somebody you know likes to tinker with these games and is good at keeping them
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