Athearn HO GP40P Locomotive 1960s-70s CNJ/NJ DOT #3680

Athearn HO GP40P Locomotive 1960s-70s CNJ / NJ DOT #3680

*1960s-70s New York & Long Branch RR

*Powered, Lighted Both Ends

*Custom built w/Square Hood (Original 1969 Steam Generator Design)

*Custom Painted, includes NJ DOT Decals

*Athearn Flywheel Motor

*KayDee Couplers installed

*In Athearn Box

Built in LaGrange in November 1968, These (EMD) GP40Ps (CNJ Road Numbers 3671-3683) were purchased for the CNJ by the State of New Jersey (Dept. of Transportation). This was necessitated inasmuch as the Iconic (but aging) Fairbanks Morse Trainmasters (2401-2413) were retired in May 1969 (and sadly removed to Naparano Iron Works in Newark, NJ to await the scrapper’s torch). As with previous CNJ Power rosters, the road numbers were associated with horsepower (H15-44 (Baby) Trainmasters and GP7s were numbered based on their 1500 HP rating, the big Trainmasters had 2400, and the new Geeps had 3600 HP. Per the inevitable takeover of all northeast rail carriers by government and state agencies in the mid 1970s, the GP40ps would undergo several changes in ownership and paint schemes, first Conrail, then the navy/platinum/red favored by the NJ Dept of Transportation, and NJ Transit. And after a number of rebuilding and carbody alterations over the decades, these locomotives
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