Atlas 20001831 Santa Fe #51291 ACF 50' 6" Single Door Box Car N Scale Trains

ACF 50' 6" Single Door Box Car Description:
In 1974, ACF� built the first box car for Railbox, a subsidiary of the Trailer Train Company. They went on to produce 5,400 50� cars over the next six years, receiving large orders from Class I railroads, shortlines and box car leasing companies. These box cars have a 50' 6" interior length designed to fit slightly larger Plate C dimensions. This yielded a capacity of nearly 5,300 cubic feet. Most of the cars were built with non-cushioned underframes.
Features: N Scale Trainman LineReady to Run Finescale Detailing Prototypical Painting & Lettering Prototypical Non-Terminating Corrugated Ends Diagonal Paneled Roof 10' YSD Sliding Door (Non-Operating) Detailed Cross-Member Attachment Rivets on Side Sills Weighted & Detailed Underframes True-Scale Dimensions Rust-Colored Plastic Wheelsets AccuMate Knuckle Couplers Store Policies: We are a factory authorized dealer for the brands we sell. Unless otherwise noted, all items are brand new in the manufacturer's original packaging (items may be taken out for photos and replaced in their packaging). Items have not been used or test ran in any manner and come with full manufacturer's warranty. We are an authorized reseller, not the manufacturer. Most manufacturer's require warranty related issues be addressed directly by them. We
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