Atlas #50000844 CSX (Blue) #496649 42' Coil Steel Car - N Scale


CSX #496649 42' Coil Steel Car

ATLAS #50 000 844

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Please Note: The picture of this freight car is a stock picture from Atlas Model Railroad Co. The picture is of the exact same type of freight car that is for sale here, except the road number in the picture is 496644 and this one is 496649.


Prototypical painting and lettering See-through walks Removable hood Inside floor detail Cut-levers

AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.

The increased volume of coiled steel transportation gave rise to a new purpose-built freight car. Previously rolls of coiled-steel had generally traveled in specially equipped gondola cars. In the 1960’s a lighter type of car emerged specifically for hauling coils of steel in an integral trough. The car type gained popularity and eventually over 17,000 cars were built. Atlas’ model replicates a 42’ design with a distinctive fishbelly side sill.

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