Atlas O 7918 Single Tk Deck Girder Bridge Weathered 2R


Up for bid is an Atlas O 7918 Single Track Deck Girder Bridge, weathered 2R. I have received quite a few requests recently for more bridges and I will try to do a variety as time allows. This bridge is a 2R bridge but if you desire a 3R model, . I will create a 3R version as you see here and relist the 2R model. The bridge was custom painted and weathered while still in kit form to ensure thorough coverage. It has been weathered from top to bottom and the deck has also been custom painted and weathered including guide rails. All weathering was done by hand. Actual shipping cost only. Shipping calculated based upon your location at auction close. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or a full refund. Other models not part of auction.

Serial Number: 1268 Each car comes with an engraved plate listing serial number. The completed car album of over 1000 cars to date is now being uploaded to . the album

Weathering Information:

This is a bridge that has been removed from its packaging, painted, weathered, and repacked. It was created with a combination of artists colors, Floquil paints, weathering powders, dry brushing, and air brushing. The rust was created with a combination of artists colors layered to achieve a realistic pitted and "running" effect. Check out more Ebay auction cars at

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