This is a newly made atlatl in seasoned Black Locust wood. Black locust is an excellent wood for field use because it is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. The thrower is fit with a bannerstone style weight of blue/green steatite that has been ground and polished to the proper mass to fit the thrower. The handle is finger grooved and expanding for a no-slip and secure grip. The spur is made from whitetail deer antler in the style of the east coast archaic period atlatl grave finds. The atlatl is 22 inches long and nicely finished, and should fit great with most modern darts in the 5 and a half to 7 foot range. Buyer is to pay $5 shipping fixed and buyers out of the U.S. to pay actual shipping costs. Paypal, money order, or check preferred. Please check my other primitive/traditional auctions currently on.