ATMOS ~ Mantel Clock ~ Jaeger Le Coultre ~ 15 J ~ SWISS

ATMOS Mantel Clock ~ JAEGER LE COULTRE ~ 15 Jeweled ~ Swiss

This is a “Perpetual Motion” timepiece. Meaning, this clock will run independently and continuously, no winding! So sensitive, it will rewind by the slightest fluctuations in the atmosphere or by the slightest changes in temperature, hence the name: "Atmos Clock".

This Atmos clock is in good running condition. It stands roughly, 9.25" tall by 8.50" wide by 6.25” deep. Clock number is: 373182.

The case is in exceptional condition ~ some very faint rubs on the brass finish, that’s all. The glass door tab is missing and there are tiny chips on the base of the door corners ~ unseen. I'm sure a new door could be located. The other problem is the Atmos drum cover in back. Apparently it was installed incorrectly and consequently not fitted properly on the right side. Therefore the cracks in the drum cover. Again, I'm sure a new cover can be located. So done, the value of this clock will soar!

Despite this problem, this clock looks Great and Runs Perfectly! These clocks are graded:~ this one falls in the "Good to Fair Condition" ie. only because of the case problem. Otherwise, it would qualify as near excellent!

Boxed weight is roughly, 13.8 lbs.

FEDEX postage from MA - 01756 to Washington State ~ $26. Email for postage in your State.




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