Two Attached State Prison of Southern Michigan Inmate Store 5 Cent Coupons

· This is some really nice vintage item in great condition. Good luck on winning one or more of these.

· We will combine P&H if you win more then one of our items.

One Ce Bid accordingly. We are starting them out quite cheap. Also, if you want to sell these types of items on eBay we work on a 25 % of sale and handle everything for you. Send us and email and let us see if we can help you sell some if not all of you duplicates or collection. Be aware, you may have bought it as a BU, but is we think it is just Unc or and AU, we will do the grading, but we will notify you before we put it up for auction.

Per instructions from eBay we are putting the following notice in all of our auction items. We will continue to ship the item(s) that you win as rapidly as possible. If you are having items sent outside of the United States than certain Customs Offices may delay the delivery of these items and neither eBay nor our business have no control over this. For items that are being sent to certain countries, we cannot send insured, but we can send registered. If we feel that an item will go over a certain amount we will add the appropriate amount to the P&H to provide tracking or insurance in the U.S. as per instructions from eBay. We will also drop the registration fee to a smaller amount if you are a customer known
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