Very Attractive Half Doll, Pin Cushion, Green Top, Lavender Fan

Half Doll
Firstly, let me say that vintage items are items previously owned and worn. I am not referring to a specific period when I say vintage. I am falling into line with a lot of people who call used items "vintage" although in my own mind vintage means antique. So, I will add further information about a piece if I have further details. For example, if the item is genuine Art Deco, I will say so.
An attractive half doll made from porcelain. This lady stands approx. 2 1/2 inches tall and is about 1 3/4 inches wide across the arms. She has light brown hair which has a thin band on the crown. This is a light purple colour. Her face is nicely molded and she has red lips and flushed cheeks. She has a top in green which is low cut with wide straps. In one hand she holds a lavender fan. She has a bow on one side of her hair at the neck and this is the same colour as the fan. She has an impressed number 7269 on the reverse side. She is a bit rough around the bottom where the holes are found. On close inspection you can see there is a small portion of porcelain missing. The very end of the base looks slightly discoloured which I think is down to age. This part of the porcelain is not glazed so over the years probably does discolour. On one elbow I notice a little pimple which is excess glaze I think. She could do with a clean.
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