The Attu Morning Sun J_PS QUIT VJ August 14th 1945 restricted Hiroshima Rare

An exceedingly rare newspaper, published in the Aleutian Islands for I believe one year during 1945. Don't quote me on that since there is very little information on the web about this paper. This issue appears to be complete comprising of 6 loose pages which measure 12.75" X 8". Excellent subject matter throughout including the front page headline "J_PS QUIT". What a rare find! This will hopefully end up in a museum and be shown with pride to all who visit. Included in this special offering is an original copy of Herb Smiths "Battle Without Guns" with the U.S. Navy foil seal on the cover. This was a tribute poem to those gritty Americans who occupied the Aleutians. The condition of both is quite clear in the photos. You will not see such an offering any time soon as these just do not exist on the open collectors market. I guarantee authenticity with a 14 day money back policy. Please do not send me offers to end this listing early as I will not do so. This auction will run to it's end. Be the highest and best bidder when the clock reaches "0" and win this rare offering. Free domestic shipping!
Please email me if eBay yanks my listing due to the slang term for our oriental neighbors which appears on the cover. I will gladly carry on a email bid as I am a licensed PA auctioneer and am well within my rights to do so. My apologies
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