ITEM: ~ ATWATER KENT 10B Breadboard Tube Radio #4550 with all 5 01A tubes.

The 10B is a fairly rare radio as it was soon replaced by the 10C. The radio is a well sought after classic as it is a magnificent showpiece of early 1920's radio genius from one of the greatest radio manufacturers ever...Atwater Kent.

This beautiful 1924 classic has 2 issues that I have pointed out in the pics, there are 2 chips to the Bakelite AF amplifier cover. These chips are purely superficial but are there nonetheless. Apart from that everything seems to be there and the battery cable is intact. The whole radio is a combination of Wood, Bakelite, Brass, Metal and a real eyecatcher then and now.

The 5 tubes are a mix of 3 RCA UX201A Radiotrons and 2 Cunningham CX-301A, all of which are just globe type 01A tubes with just a taller base. All the tubes have been tested on a TV7 Tube Tester and test 14,14,24,26 and 28 with the suggested minimum being 18 so 2 tubes are a little low but still will work at around 55%.

This radio has not been fully tested due to lack of a suitable battery power supply but instructions and power units are available on the web. You will also need a loudspeaker.

Dimensions: 31 1/2"w x 10"d x 61/2"h (top of tubes).

The music heard in the video is not from the Atwater but a record
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