(3) AU/BU OBW Rolls. Northern Trust Bank Chicago.

This listing is for OBW Northern Trust Bank of Chicago wheat. These amazing rolls only contain beautiful AU/BU wheat pennies.We are the only way to buy wheats on eBay, no exaggerated claims just quality. Start treasure hunting today. This listing is for three(3) Northern Trust Bank of Chicago OBW rolls. Please see additional description below about what you can expect to find in these rolls. Fixed-price buy it now and free shipping on all purchases. Generous return policy please see details in return description. Please note that all my photos are stock photos you will not be receiving the exact item in the picture. Buyer will receive merchandise that is accurately reflected by photos in the listing. Thank you all for stopping by and have a blessed day. �

� � � � � � � A WORD TO THE WISE

� � We strive for 100% satisfaction on absolutely every transaction. This is impossible if people are buying something they think is something else. Please be informed as to what AU/BU coins are. Very briefly. These are beautiful coins showing much of their original luster while also showing signs of circulation. These coins are not perfect, flawless, uncirculated, mint fresh, gems, once again are not. Please take time to look at the two pictures of five rolls. These end coins will give you a good sense of the quality contained
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