M-Audio 410 (1814) (610) Firewire Audio Midi Interface

This is for one M-Audio 410 audio/midi Interface. Could be ideal for laptops (very portable). I'm selling because I have a Tascam FW-1884 and don't need this anymore. (Plus I really need the money). T is no problems with this interface and should work perfectly on your machine as long as you have Texas Instruments firewire card. Although this isn't required t seems to be some conflicts with the VIA firewire cards (depends). So goto your device manager (control panel, system, advaced device manager), and check what kind of card you have. If it is Texas Instruments your good to go! Otherwise firewire cards are pretty cheap so you could pick one up.
This interface is very simular to the 610 and the 1814. The 6-10 has more inputs and the 1814 has an adat lightpipe, but check your requirements because more than likely you aren't going to need either. This could be a way to save money and buy your self a decent mic. I personally like the Rode NT-1A for the price. Your going to need decent headphones (and you may need two so you can record someone else playing). You probably will want a real sequencer at some point, Logic, Sonar or Cubase are all better then Pro Tools. Pro Tools isn't really a software program so much as an industry standard. Don't let the fact that lots of professional studios use it trick you. The cosumer
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