Audio Logic 660 dual compressor with dual side-chain

Quite Good condition Audio Logic 660 dual compressor-limiter-gate with side-chain in/out on each channel. 1/4" in/out jacks on L and R. Bypass on each channel. I haven't tested if stereo link works, but compressor sections work fine, and impart a distinct "bassy" sound when heavily compressed in ratios of 4:1, 6:1 or more.
I've used this one on vocals, snares, guitars, bass guitars, drums, sampled orchestra bass tuba sections, especially for parts that I wanted loud, extremely punchy, and "in your face". It was the one of the secret sauces behind some of my award-winning film soundtrack and dance tracks formerly charting #1 on , which sound great even now (years later) on low-res youtube uploads. For instance, Madonna's live tour producer asked me how I got the YouTube orchestra renditions to sound so huge, live-like, even on electronic sampled sets. This was part of it.
It is not nearly as "transparent" as, say the dbx 1066 rack compressor (which I have also for sale), but that is the point: its quality is quite Retro, as it was made in late 80's early 90s, and is sort of a cult classic. When combined with other gear, such as the Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2 with Big Bottom (which I'm also selling), saturating a Reel-to-reel tape deck (which I also have for sale), it makes for some very interesting effects, from big,
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