M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Audio Interface and DAW Controller

Spotless clean M-Audio ProjectMix, the combination of full-featured DAW control surface and 18x14 FireWire audio interface. Works with practically any DAW (ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.) and any computer (for newer Macs with Thunderbolt you will need to get a simple FireWire-to-Thunderbolt adapter, $29 at Apple Store or around $10 on eBay). Supports most DAW protocols (Mackie and Logic Control, HUI, etc.). If it's not listed in your DAW, you may need to download a driver, it's simple. Refer to your DAW documentation.
8 tracks faders and one master fader, you can control unlimited number of tracks by scrolling strips left and right, one by one (nudge) or in banks of 8. Standard track control buttons: mute, solo, select and record arm/disarm, plus assignable encoder. Input gain pot with signal presence and clip indicators. Full set of master controls: transport, aux, plugins, etc.
Preamps are the same as in ProFire series standalone interfaces, very good quality. You can use any other preamps via built-in digital interface I/O, ADAT optical or coax. Every serious rack preamp or audio interface has ADAT out ports, Focusrite Saffire and Scarlett series, Apogee and Unversal Audio, Presonus Digimax and FireStudio, to name a few. Even a boutique preamps with price tags of a several thousand can be used just fine.
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