Audio Pulse Model One Digital Delay System Used

Up for auction is a used Audio Pulse Model One Digital Delay System from the renown Indigo Ranch Studio. If you're searching for that David Bowie Drum slapback delay on thecheap, this thing can do it! Great on screaming lead guitars, too! TheAudio Pulse Model One has nice thick tone, too! You'll never get a sound like this out of a plug in! I dare you to try!!
This Audio Pulse Model One Digital Delay System is fully functioning and considering its age, is nearly perfect! The only problem it has is that the output faders are scratchy. One good cleaning should butter them right now - until then you'll have to move the output sliders until you hear the delay/verb output.
This controls of this unit are all very simple but allow enough tweak-ability to dial in just the right sound. Everything (aside from the above-mentioned sliders) are push-button. They are as follows:
"level match" (input level) A, B, C, D, E, F are all varying degrees of input level (A being the lowest and F being the highest).
Decay Time: shot/long initial delay time and then steps 1-5 for short to long decay.
Monitor select (main and tape), and primary and secondary direct delay switch are also located on the front panal, along with the respective sliders for each output (primary and secondary).
The unit also boasts excellent input level
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