M-Audio X-Session Pro Torq LE USB DJ Controller Faders

X-Session Pro
USB MIDI DJ Mixer Controller with FREE Torq LE (Download); MP3 / Digital Audio DJ Software

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X-Sessions Pro and Torq LE User's Manual (1.4 MB PDF)

Make Jaw Dropping Grooves with X-Sessions!
Outa the box, the X-Sessions works perfectly with Torq LE. Just plug in the USB cable, open the program, drag two audio files into position, then start using the knobs and sliders. Record your DJ performances as WAV files that you can burn to CD or load up into your iPod.

Use your own audio files and mix them with the pro DJ collection that comes with Torq LE. Then control synced beats, tempo, pitch and effects by twisting knobs and sliding faders. Did I mention pushing buttons to control the left and right transports? This level or professional music production has never been this fun.

Note: Torq LE is not included in the X-Session box. You can download it for free from . Torq LE will only work when the X-Session is connected to the computer.

Listen to a Torq LE Groove Demo
's an MP3 of my first DJ recording. Practiced a couple of times, then hit record. This is what came out. I'm hooked.

Ear 2 Track X-Session Pro / Torq LE Jam (6.2 MB MP3)


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